Companies health data analysis made easy.

We automate health screening for your employees and integrate with your EHR with the goal of improving their wellness and obtain more population insights.
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Our Services

Health Screening Automation

Automate your population's clinical parameters screening installing one of our several health modules.

Electronic Health Systems Integration

Integrate your EHR with Cardiotrack API

Health Data like Never Before

Fully Automated

Designed to be completely automated, without the need of anyone teaching how to use it.

Employee Health Data Analytics

Visualize up-to-date reports on your company's overall health with our Cardiodashboard Web-App.

'Out-of-Range' Notifications and Daily Reports

Configure real-time notifications on employees who are out of the health range and receive daily reports.

Employee Identification

Each measurement is paired with a unique id for every employee, leveraging your actual identification system.

Empower employees with their data

Each employee is able to get its own health data record to see how well they are.

Receive Data on your EHR

Get the generated data directly on your company's Electronic Health Record with our CardioData API.

Our Products

Industrial Cardiotrack

Our automated blood pressure monitor module is ready to identify and measure one person every 45 seconds

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