Health Screening Made Easy

We automate the health screening process and integrate with your EHR systems, relieving clinicians from repetitive tasks and providing valuable AI-supported health insights.

Health Screening Automation

Automate your populations' clinical screening by bringing one of our several devices into your facility.

Electronic Health Systems Integration

Integrate data into your EHR with our Cardiotrack API.

Remote Health Solutions

Utilize our automated screening devices to provide remote health care in various locations.


Efficiency Like Never Before

We provide custom health screening automation solutions depending on your community’s unique needs.

Fully Automated

Our devices are designed to be completely automate, without the need for monitoring or instruction.

Health Data Analytics

Visualize up-to-date reports on your community’s overall health with our Cardio Dashboard web-app.

Out-of-Range Notifications

Configure real-time notifications on patients who are out of the healthy range.

Easy identification

Each client is paired with a unique QR code or RFID, leveraging your current identification system.

Data Privacy

Our devices are PHIPA compliant and provide full anonymity of individual health data.

Receive daily reports sent to individuals and/or health care providers.

Receive Data to your EHR

Receive data directly on your company’s electronic health records with our Cardio Data API.


All our devices are FDA approved and supported by Hypertension Canada.

Meet the team

About Cardiotrack Global

We are a global medical device company with offices across Mexico and Canada providing health screening automation services to industrial companies, community health services and remote communities. We have been in operations since 2018 and have over 19,000 engaged patients and have detected over 2,000 undiagnosed hypertensive cases.


Our goal is to make the lives of clinicians easier and detecting early-state hypertension before It’s too late.​

Eduardo Serna

CEO and Co-Founder

15+ years as a leader in the health care industry in Mexico.

Daniel Hernández

Chief Medical Director and Co-Founder

MD specialist in Occupational Health with a Masters in Health Care Administration.

Itzel Álvarez

CBDO and Co-Founder

Experienced business development and customer service specialist.

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